I started baking for friends and family from my parents’ humble home in the east side of Singapore.

From what I’ve shared online, I am now connected with a few bakers who started from home. Some have also gone on to set up their own cute bakeries, attracting streams of customers on a daily basis.

#BakeBoss #BUN is a Bakepreneurs’ Club. Nope. Not for them to learn how to bake. I mean, come on, they are already great bakers themselves. However, this is a class of its own – a place where bakers explore opportunities to earn more through their expertise AND to discover the unwritten rules of setting up a baking business in a commercial setting.

Our current partner in #BUN is Julie Bakes.

We are also looking for expert partners (Facebook ads managers, photographers, graphic designers, business coaches etc) to collaborate with us so that we can help more micro-bakepreneurs to explore beyond their domestic kitchen appliance.

To find out more on how #BUN can support you in your quest to explore the heaty road of a bakepreneur, please leave your details here.

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