Flavour of the Month: Ondeh-Ondeh

History of Ondeh-Ondeh

Ondeh-ondeh is a Baba and Nyonya dish which originate in Melaka. The original ondeh-ondeh does not have a coconut filling. Normally, it is made of a sweet potato dough or pandan dough to wrapped with some chopped gula melaka and boiled in a pot of boiling water and then coat with some steamed shredded coconut.

In another version, ondeh-ondeh is also called klepon in Indonesia. Klepon (pronounced Klê-pon) is a traditional rice cake from Java, Indonesia, and now popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is a boiled rice cake, stuffed with liquid gula jawa (palm sugar), and rolled in grated coconut. Klepon is green because it is flavored with a paste made from the pandan or dracaena plant whose leaves are used widely in South East Asian cooking. In other parts of Indonesia, such as in Sulawesi,Sumatra and in neighboring Malaysia, klepon is known as onde-onde. However, in Java onde-onde refers to the Chinese Jin deui, a rice cake ball coated with sesame seeds and filled with sweet greenbean paste. Although popular across Southeast Asia, klepon may have originated in Java.

Klepon, along with getuk and cenil, are often eaten as morning or afternoon snacks. One must take care when consuming klepon, because a freshly boiled one usually contains hot palm sugar liquid.

In the 1950s, klepon was introduced by Indo immigrants to the Netherlands and is readily available in Dutch or Chinese Indonesian restaurants and supermarkets throughout the country.

Main Ingredients 

– Palm sugar

– steamed and freshly grated coconut

– pandan rice cake dough


Today, there are various derivations of the ondeh-ondeh such as the ondeh-ondeh cupcake.


We are also able to find the ondeh-ondeh cake which  is trending furiously on social media sites. Some slices are served with ice cream while some…….. are just so good on its own when chilled like this one below!



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