Simply Sinless Welcomes Coach Sha to the Team

SSC welcomes Coach Sha to be part of our team with open arms! 

If you want to go fast, go alone. 

If you want to go FAR, go together as a team. 

542650_438919166177585_1626256094_nAbout 4 years ago, I was seated beside Shayus Sri in a marketing class. Today I know, that is it by no coincidence that we sat next to each other. We had ever since grew to learn more about each other. While Shayus Sri continued growing as a beginning ladypreneur with Little Big Minds, I was doing the same with Simply Sinless Creams. We did our thing and were in the groove growing our businesses. 

As fate would have it, we decided to be in partnership and founded Learning Studio. We are blessed because we were able to support each other in times of adversity, and celebrate each other’s achievements. 

It is then no question that I would invite Shayus Sri to join Simply Sinless. I knew that by this time, she has been helping other home-based bakers on their marketing and copywriting efforts to help them grow and sustain their home-based businesses. These home-based bakers now are currently very much active in reaching out to more customers and growing strong financially.


What I know about Shayus Sri 

  • She is a wife and a mother to 2 growing boys – and so her kitchen would almost always be with food and desserts which she tries her best to self-prepare. 

  • Being a mompreneur, she values health. 

  • Being a Young Living Independent distributor, she is inclined to organic and holistic healing.

  • Being around her most of my working hours, I now know… she is a FOODIE! She admits this fact with no shame! LOL!  



And so with this succinct introduction to our Ambassador of Buzz for Simply Sinless, please help me welcome Shayus Sri! 

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