Simply Sinless took Simple Steps


Picture credit: Mediacorp Suria (Berita), 2013


  1. YOU must first love the whole idea. Not because someone tells you this is NOT FOR YOU lah. Bot because someone tells you this is WHERE THE MONEY IS lah. No. NOO.NOOOOOOOOO! YOU MUST LOVE IT first. Cos if you don’t, how are YOU going to convince others to love what you have.
  2. YOU must be willing to sacrifice. I had my share of sacrifice  -TIME to hang out with your friends (yes, friends, I miss all of you) and family (missing family trips, being late for family gatherings) ; MONEY to pump into the business (you start to consider the wants and needs).  I mean, you will have to allocate some funds to get the raw ingredients/stocks, right? Wouldn’t that be an investment?
  3. YOU must be able to bear the comments from naysayers. They are NOT BAD PEOPLE. It’s just that…They are not convinced YET. Given a little more time and of course YOUR dedication and commitment, they will LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY (humming to the Moffat’s Love You Like Crazy.. hahaha!)
  4. YOU must be able to take CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK. Direct translation: Don’t little bit only angry. Remember, you are not selling your product to customers but you are providing products that your customers need. So hear them out. Serve if it is within your capacity. Or start looking into getting experts on board. Of course lah, if it is not something you can offer, be honest. Don’t disappoint your customers.
  5. YOU must be willing to SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE. Then God will bestow GREATER KNOWLEDGE upon you.

Of course, a business is not some hobby you do for fun. You need more than just passion BUT it must begin with passion then you won’t feel like you are working. ❤

It took years to build the pyramid. You business will need time to reach its pinnacle too. 


Keep things simple in your business. No need to have fancy front. Just be sure of what you want to do.

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